Stonebridge Operation Co., LLC


1635 Warren Chapel Road, Fleming, Ohio 45729-5089

Company Information

firefox-gray Stonebridge Operating Co., LLC, is a oil and gas company located in Fleming, Ohio and is an independent operator of nearly 1000 wells in more then 6 southeastern Ohio counties with more than 30 employees including welltenders, service rig operators and hands, roust crews, general administration and engineering staff. Primary operations are centered in Washington County, Ohio.



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Ohio Oil & Gas History

oil well Ohio has a rich history of oil-and-gas production that began nearly 150 years ago. The first well drilled in the state for the specific purpose of producing petroleum was completed in Mecca Township of Trumbull County in late 1859, just a few months after Colonel Edwin Drake's famous oil well was completed near Titusville, Pennsylvania. Within a few years, several hundred wells had been "dug" in and around Mecca. This new industry attracted thousands of tourists to Mecca as well as many prospectors hoping to strike it rich. Through the years, this scenario would often be repeated.formed, these hydrocarbons commonly migrate with other formation fluids (i.e., brine or salt water) through fractures and voids in bedrock until trapped or until escaping to the surface as a natural seep. It is the trapped occurrences of hydrocarbons that energy companies seek and produce. Hydrocarbons, being lighter than water, float on top of formation fluids and occasionally accumulate in structural traps such as the higher portions of deeply buried domal or anticlinal structures and the upper margins of sealed fault systems.